Message from the CEO

We are deeply grateful for the support we have received from our shareholders and investors. SMS's Mission is “to improve people's quality of life by providing information infrastructure for an aging society.” By realizing our Mission through efforts to solve social issues in an aging society and by achieving sustainable growth as a company required by society, we are aiming to increase our corporate value over the long term.

In Japan, we are facing an unprecedented era of low birth rate, aging, and population decline. The nature of society, including economic trends, national policies, and sense of values, is undergoing a major transformation due to demographic changes, creating new issues that have never been seen before. For example, there are concerns that it will become difficult to provide high-quality medical care and elderly care services. While demand for such services is increasing as the population ages, supply is not increasing at a sufficient rate due to a shortage of workers to support these services. The burden on the working generation, who support the elderly, will become more serious due to increasing social security expenses to cover pensions, medical care, and elderly care, as well as a declining working-age population. It is also expected that it will become difficult to solve the various problems faced by the elderly and their families due to a lack of information related to living in an aging society in terms of both quality and quantity, such as elderly care and end-of-life planning information, while demand for such services is increasing.

We have built information infrastructure as a platform to connect those to whom we provide value – end users, professionals, and operators, by developing and expanding businesses to solve social issues in the fields of medical care, elderly care, healthcare, and senior life, since our establishment in 2003. As a result, we have achieved growth in sales and profits for the 19th consecutive year.

In our Career Segment, we have been creating markets of recruiting agent services for medical care/elderly care professionals as a pioneer in the industry. Such services have led our growth since our establishment and we are contributing to solving the shortage and uneven distribution of medical care/elderly care professionals. In our Elderly Care Operator Segment, "Kaipoke," a management support platform for elderly care operators, is growing steadily, and contributing to the improvement of their management and service quality. In addition, within our New Business Segment, we are developing and nurturing a variety of services mainly in the healthcare and senior life domains. In our Healthcare Business, we provide a health and productivity management platform for companies and health insurance associations and aim to contribute to increasing the number of healthy people in the work force by helping those in the working generation to work healthily with high productivity for a long period of time. In our Senior Life Business, we have developed a problem-solving platform that helps solve worries and anxieties related to living in an aging society. By organizing and providing a variety of information in an easy-to-understand manner, we support the resolution of problems in an aging society.

We have actively expanded our business overseas since the acquisition of MIMS in 2015 and currently have offices in 18 countries and regions. There is significant room for long-term growth in our Overseas Segment accompanying the healthcare market expansion mainly in Asia and the need to recruit healthcare professionals around the world. We will contribute to improving the availability and safety of medical care in APAC and solving the global shortage and uneven distribution of healthcare professionals.

We believe that we will be able to achieve further growth by seizing business opportunities in the medical care, elderly care, healthcare, and senior life domains, which are expected to expand globally, through proactive business development, M&A, and other investments from a long-term perspective.

We will continue to strive to realize our Mission through efforts to solve social issues and to achieve sustainable growth as a company required by society, thereby increasing our corporate and shareholder value over the long term.

We look forward to your ongoing support.

Natsuki Goto
Representative Director
President and CEO
SMS Co., Ltd.