Our People

Basic policy

In order to continue to contribute to society through our business activities, we believe it is extremely important to hire, train, and properly assign a diverse range of personnel so that we and our employees can mutually develop. The growth of individual employees leads to the growth of the company, and the growth of the company leads to further growth opportunities for individual employees, making it possible for us to grow sustainably while increasing the total amount of contribution to society. Based on this belief, we are working on developing a human resource development system that encourages the growth of individual employees and a work environment where all employees can work with a sense of fulfillment.

Human resource principle

"The pursuit of PROFESSIONALISM with PASSION and INTEGRITY" is our human resource principle. In hiring new personnel, we believe that by hiring people who fit this principle, both the company and individuals can grow continuously while responding autonomously to the rapidly changing business environment.

Provision of opportunities

We have continued to increase both sales and profits since our establishment. As the company grows, we are able to continue to provide new growth opportunities for our employees. We also foster a sense of ownership and a management mindset among our employees by encouraging them to autonomously formulate and implement strategies to achieve SMS's Mission in accordance with their individual abilities.
We will continue to provide our employees with opportunities through continuous, long-term growth.

Realization of diversity

We provide value to a variety of stakeholders, and it is important that the source of that value, our employees, also be diverse. We believe that we can achieve sustainable growth as a company by hiring a large number of talented people from diverse backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, or disability, and by providing each of them with support for their further growth and work environments that they find rewarding.

Specific initiatives

Support for growth

  • One-on-one meetings   
    • We aim to achieve steady human resource development through regular one-on-one discussions between superiors and subordinates on the careers these subordinates want to achieve at SMS and the issues and specific approaches to achieve them.
  • Support in acquiring qualification   
    • We pay examination fees and learning material costs for employees who acquire work-related qualifications.
  • Training and education   
    • We offer a variety of training programs to improve business skills, language skills, and management skills.
  • Book purchasing system   
    • We cover the costs of books that employees require to autonomously develop their skills or perform their duties.
  • Skill development allowance   
    • Employees are provided an allowance of 150,000 yen once a year to be used for skill development and career advancement.

Rewarding work environments

  • Limitation on work hours   
    • In order to encourage employees to work productively within the allotted work time and to engage in self-improvement after work, we set 19:30 as the latest that anyone may stay in the office. (Or 20:30 depending on the type of work.)
  • Long-term vacation system   
    • We encourage our employees to take three long vacations annually (year-end and New Year vacation, Golden Week vacation, and summer vacation).
  • Anniversary leave   
    • Employees are granted (paid) anniversary leave once per year on a date selected by the employee.
  • Childcare and elderly care support system   
    • We support our employees in balancing work with childcare and elderly care through measures such as childcare leave, elderly care leave, shorter working hours until children enter junior high school, and allowances for nursery schools and babysitters.
  • Employee stock ownership plan   
    • In order to enhance employee benefits and motivate employees to pursue business growth, we have established an employee stock ownership plan, which is open to all employees regardless of position and provides a 10% financial incentive.
  • Provision of paid stock options   
    • We grant paid stock options to officers and managers to increase their morale and motivation to contribute to the growth of the company.
  • Promotion of health and productivity management   
    • We have established a health promotion office, which reports directly to the CEO and engages in a variety of initiatives to promote employee health and increase productivity.