Health and Productivity Management

■Health and productivity management declaration

SMS's Mission is "to improve people's quality of life by providing information infrastructure for an aging society."
We define our business domains in an aging society as Medical Care, Elderly Care, Healthcare, and Senior Life, and help people in an aging society work and live vibrantly by connecting them through information and services.

We believe that it is important for employees to work in good health to realize our Mission, both mentally and physically. We actively support them in maintaining and improving their health.
As a company operating healthcare businesses, we also believe that employees' awareness of their own health will lead to the provision of better services.

To this end, we have built an organizational structure and are implementing various initiatives to maintain and improve employee health and awareness.

Natsuki Goto
Representative Director
President and CEO

■Health and productivity management promotion system

We have established the Health Promotion Office (Office) directly under the CEO. This organization promotes health and productivity management and is responsible for planning and implementing various measures.
We have set up an in-house consultation desk with a resident public health nurse. In cooperation with industrial doctors and the health insurance association, we support employee health through health promotion, literacy improvement, mental health support, and various consultations.
In addition, the Healthcare Business Department supports the Office by giving advice on measures related to health management based on the knowledge cultivated through the business operation.
Issues and status of health and productivity management are shared with employee representatives at the Health Committee, reported and discussed at the Executive Committee, and the opinions expressed at the meetings are fed back to promote health and productivity management further.

■Major initiatives for health and productivity management

■External evaluation

We were recognized in the Large Enterprise Category under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program, jointly hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Japan Health Council for the fifth consecutive year.

We are registered as a promotional partner company of the "Corporate Action to Promote Cancer Control" initiated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and participate in its women's conference “Working RIBBON.”