Senior Life

In the Senior Life Business, we aim to solve the social issue: "difficulty in solving problems related to living in an aging society," by "providing a variety of options and high-quality decision-making information."

* We believe that there are three critical social issues that we need to solve in Japan’s aging society, and we have defined four strategic business areas to address these issues.

- Social issue that we address in the Senior Life Business

Lack of information and high-quality options for decision-making in an aging society

With the aging of society, the core of the population structure has shifted from the working generation to the elderly. At the same time, the services required by society are changing, and the demand for new services specific to an aging society is expanding. There are some fields where demand particularly increases due to the aging of society, such as elderly care services, of which a market was created in earnest when the Long-Term Care Insurance Law came into effect in 2000, as well as services related to the lives of the elderly, including renovation, meals for the elderly, and funerals. These themes unique to an aging society occur less frequently in each person's life, require a high level of expertise in choosing appropriate services, such as elderly care and renovation, or require decisions to be made in a short period of time, such as funerals. This has given rise to various problems for the elderly and their families, such as "I'm worried about how to take care of my parents," "I can't find a reliable renovation company," and "I’m worried about deciding on a funeral home without sufficient consideration." However, there is a lack of information on these problems in terms of both quality and quantity, and the information is not provided in an organized manner. In addition, as the working-age population declines, there will be a labor shortage in every industry in the future, and there is a concern that the supply of services necessary to solve these problems will become insufficient. Against this background, it is assumed that there will be a lack of information necessary for the elderly and their families to make decisions in various aspects of their lives, as well as high-quality options that lead to better solutions, making it difficult to solve the problems related to living in an aging society.

We would like to solve the issue of the lack of information and high-quality options necessary for decision-making in an aging society by realizing the following mission.

- Mission of the Senior Life Business

We aim to contribute to improving people’s lives by offering a wide range of options and information related to living in an aging society.

- Strategy for realizing the mission

Development of a problem-solving platform

In our Senior Life Business, we provide a "problem-solving platform" that connects people with concerns and needs related to living in an aging society to consultation services and services that help solve those concerns and needs.

This "problem-solving platform" consists of a web community service that provides opportunities for interaction with other caregivers and advice from specialists for people with various problems, mainly in the area of elderly care, and services that connect people with problems related to specific categories such as housing, food, and end-of-life planning.

For example, "Anshin Kaigo," a web community for people struggling with elderly care, supports solving various problems centering on elderly care through interaction among members and advice from specialists such as care managers. "Hapisumu," a comprehensive information service on housing, provides a wide range of information on renovation and relocation, and introduces reliable renovation operators to help solve the housing-related problems of elderly households. We also provide comprehensive support for solving all the problems faced by end users by connecting users of "Anshin Kaigo" who have clear needs for housing, food, etc. to services introducing business operators, such as "Hapisumu."

Maximizing the value provided through the platform by expanding solution categories and improving quality

In order to realize the mission of our Senior Life Business, which is to "offer a wide range of options and information related to living in an aging society," it is necessary to provide solutions to a wider variety of problems for a greater number of people, while at the same time improving the quality of solutions to each problem.

For this reason, in order to solve problems centering on elderly care, we enhance our value as a comprehensive consultation desk for elderly care by strengthening our community functions that promote interaction among members and our consultation functions that utilize our network of specialists such as care managers, as well as by expanding the number of users of the service (1).

In order to solve the emerging problems in specific categories, we expand category coverage in addition to housing, food, and end-of-life planning, which we are currently covering. We also expand the range of services within each category, for example, by expanding our services to include renovation, reconstruction, and introduction of facilities within the category of housing (2). Furthermore, we increase the number of business partners that provide solutions to problems, such as renovation operators and funeral companies (3), and help business operators achieve better management and provide high-quality services through support for attracting customers, improving operations, and hiring (4), thereby increasing the number of high-quality options for solving problems and maximizing the value provided by the problem-solving platform

- The future we are aiming for in the Senior Life Business

Improving people’s lives

By realizing the mission of our Senior Life Business, we will contribute to solving the social issue: "difficulty in solving problems related to living in an aging society." Through the "problem-solving platform" we provide, end users such as the elderly and their families can solve their worries and anxieties in their lives, and make satisfactory decisions in various aspects of their lives, thereby achieving better lifestyles. By providing management support to business operators in order to make them more reliable operators that provide better services, end users can decide from among a variety of high-quality options and lead more affluent lives.

In this way, we will continue to provide a variety of options and high-quality decision-making information, thereby improving the quality of life for people living in an aging society.

Services in the Senior Life Business

Comprehensive information service on housing

Our dedicated staff members introduce you to business operators that meet your needs, when renovating, selling real estate, or rebuilding. The website also provides information to learn basic knowledge about housing.

Web community for people struggling with elderly care

This website offers content such as Q&A where you can ask questions about elderly care directly to experts, and a community service to connect with other caregivers to exchange opinions and share concerns, and knowledge about elderly care.

Home-delivered meals search service

This website introduces meal delivery companies across Japan to meet the needs of people looking for home delivery meals for the elderly, such as weak chewing ability, dietary restrictions, or nutritional balance.

Funeral agency introduction service

This website introduces funeral agencies that meet the desired conditions regarding funeral style, budget, and religious sect. Contents such as basic knowledge of funerals and independently collected survey data are also available on the website.

Web community for care managers

This web community provides the latest news and technical information useful for care management, as well as a bulletin board where care managers can discuss their worries/concerns and exchange opinions. We support care managers from many perspectives.

Housing introduction service for the elderly

This website provides information on approximately 300,000 housing information for the elderly, including nursing homes and residences with health and welfare services for the elderly across Japan. We also offer free introductions to housing that meets your needs and basic knowledge about housing for the elderly.


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Senior Life

Aiming to offer a wide range of options and information related to living in an aging society


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