About SMS

A:SMS was established on April 4, 2003. For more details, please refer to“History of Business Creation.”

A:The origin of the company name SMS is an acronym for "Senior Marketing System."
Since our establishment, we have consistently provided services in which information is a core value in an aging society.

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A:It is described in the presentation materials for earnings briefings. Please refer to“Earnings/Presentations.”

Financial Performance

A:Please refer to“IR Calendar.”

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A:Key indices and financial statements are described in“Financials.”Please refer to“Earnings/Presentations”for ​revenue by segment and qualitative information.

A:Please refer to“Financials.”

A:We disclose earnings results quarterly, at the end of April, July, October, and January. We hold an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in late June of every year. Please refer to “IR Calendar” for more details.

A:Please refer to“IR Library” for financial materials and “IR News” for timely disclosure materials.

Stock Information / Shareholders Return

A:SMS is listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). We were listed on the TSE Mothers on March 13, 2008, and our listing was reassigned to the first section on December 9, 2011. After April 4, 2022, we moved to the Prime Market in line with the TSE’s transition to new market segments.


A:Please contact our transfer agent, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, for stock-related administrative matters. Please refer to "General Stock Information" for the contact information.

A:100 shares.

A:Please refer to"General Stock Information."

A:Annual general meetings are usually held in June. For more details, please refer to"IR Calendar."

A:Shareholders as of the end of March are eligible to receive fiscal year-end dividends.

A:Year-end dividends are paid in June.

A:Our basic policy for the dividend is to prioritize growth investments while considering the financial conditions when determining dividend payouts to our shareholders. Please refer to "Capital Policy" for our dividend history.

A:Please contact our transfer agent, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation. Please refer to "General Stock Information" for the contact information.

A:There are no special shareholder benefits.

A:Please refer to "General Stock Information."

A:We conducted share repurchases several times in the past. For more details, please refer to "Capital Policy."


A:Corporate governance is a framework for achieving transparent, fair, and swift management decision-making. We believe it is important to ensure effective corporate governance to realize the Group Mission and increase our corporate value over the long term. Please refer to"Corporate Governance" for more details.

A:Please refer to "Privacy Policy."

A:Please submit IR related inquiries filling in the necessary information through "Contact Us."