We recognize that compliance with laws, regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, and social norms is the foundation of our management, and are working to maintain and improve our compliance system.

Compliance Promotion System

We have established the "SMS Business Guidelines" to comply with laws, regulations, and social norms related to a wide range of our business domains, and conduct training to ensure that all officers and employees are familiar with the guidelines. Our overseas subsidiary, MIMS, has also established the "MIMS Code of Business Conduct," which is applied to all employees of MIMS as well as agents and other external partners.

The Risk Management Department oversees compliance measures for the entire Group on a cross-organizational basis. At the same time, the Internal Audit Department conducts audits on compliance with laws and regulations, nurturing an ethical awareness, and the status of Group-wide risk management.

Prevention of bribery and corruption

As a part of society, we recognize that it is extremely important to conduct business with integrity and fairness. We promote business activities based on high ethical standards as well as compliance with laws and regulations. We strive to ensure that all officers and employees are committed to preventing corrupt practices, including bribery and corruption.

In addition, MIMS has established the "Anti-Bribery Policy" to prevent corruption. To ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations in all countries and regions in which MIMS operates as well as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the U.K. Bribery Act (UKBA), MIMS disseminates information and conducts necessary training within the company, and implements appropriate due diligence when engaging in transactions with third parties.

Respect for human rights

We recognize that the responsibility of corporations to respect human rights in the international community is expanding more than ever, and we are promoting the following actions to improve our business operations and the working environment of our employees.

  • Eliminate all forms of forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking
  • Elimination of discrimination based on birth, nationality, race, ethnicity, ideology, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, various disabilities, and other personal characteristics not relevant to conducting business.
  • Elimination of sexual harassment, power harassment, and other forms of harassment.

Elimination of antisocial forces

We are firmly committed to preventing any relationship with antisocial forces that threatens the order and safety of civil society. We are working to strengthen our system for eliminating antisocial forces in cooperation with related organizations as a member of the Tokuboren (the Metropolitan area violation prevention association.) When starting new transactions, we conduct strict checks on our business partners and strive to prevent transactions with antisocial forces by including clauses to eliminate antisocial forces in contracts and other documents.

Establishment of whistle-blowing hotlines

We have introduced a whistle-blowing hotline where all officers and employees can report and consult on violations of laws, regulations, and internal rules as well as harassment in the workplace.
We also have an external hotline managed by outside lawyers in case a whistle-blower feels uncomfortable about reporting to the internal hotline. The whistle-blowing hotlines allow officers and employees to choose freely whether to report anonymously or not. We ensure the confidentiality of information related to whistle-blowing. We also ensure that whistle-blowers will not suffer any disadvantages, including retaliatory personnel action, due to the content of the report. In the external hotline, whistle-blowers can access a female contact person.

MIMS has established procedures for internal reporting and ensures that employees are free to choose whether to report anonymously or not, and that they will not suffer any disadvantages by the reporting.